Premium Iranian Hashmi Rice

The real flavor of rice
Uniform and pure
well cooked
Good height

Premium Hashemi rice is the best type of Iranian rice, which is famous for the most well-cooked rice with excellent aroma and flavor. The seeds of this rice are tall, pencil shaped and creamy white. The quality of this rice is such that it remains soft and fresh even after cooking. Tabiat brand has been able to distribute premium Hashemi rice from the best rice fields in the north to all over Iran so that uniform, pure and high-quality rice is available to all people, and this is an honor for us.

Product features:

A product from the best rice fields in the north of Iran

The best cooked Iranian rice


Uniform and pure

Fragrant and original

Long, pendulous and creamy white seeds

It remains soft for a long time after cooking

Excellent elongation

Delicious and easy to digest

Minimum use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides

Your health:

Rich in fiber, iron, calcium and vitamin D

Rich in carbohydrates that provide energy to the body

Improve brain function

No harmful fat, cholesterol and high sodium

Contains vitamins niacin, thiamin and riboflavin

Treatment of chronic constipation

Reducing the risk of cancer