Anbarbou Iranian rice

It has a unique aroma and taste of rice
Uniform and pure
Light and easy to digest

Anbarbou Iranian rice is often cultivated in the southern cities of Iran, and for this reason, it has its own special and unique characteristics compared to other types of Iranian rice. The nature of this rice is completely warm, and this is unlike other rices that have a cold nature; For this reason, this rice is very light and easy to digest and does not turn into belly fat and is suitable for people who are on a slimming diet. Also, the unique aroma and taste of this rice has made Anbarbou rice one of the most popular rice for Iranians.

Product features:

Has a unique fragrance

A unique taste

Well cooked and uniform

Light and easy to digest

Low height

No use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides in the cultivation stages

Lower price than other types of Iranian rice

Your health:

Rich in vitamins B and E

Reduction of triglycerides and blood pressure

Reducing intestinal and uterine irritations

Contains fiber

Rich in brain and mineral substances

Prevention of indigestion