canned eggplant

Boil for 20 minutes
Zero Trans and Non-GMO
No Additives or Preservatives

All Tabiat canned foods are without preservatives; Tabiat brand has been able to prepare a special sauce for canned foods and create a unique taste by using completely natural and high-quality raw materials. This natural formulation has made the taste of these canned foods similar to homemade food, and for this reason, it is the favorite of a wide range of people. Also, due to the use of high-quality spices, it has produced canned goods to provide you with the ultimate health.

Product features:

A delicious and quick meal

Tabiat’s special formulation

Use of non-transgenic and zero trans oil

Free of any additives and preservatives

Using the best raw materials

Ingredients of canned eggplant:

eggplant, tomato paste, liquid sunflower oil, refined edible salt, special spices, water

Your health:

A rich source of protein that is a good substitute for red meat

Rich in fiber

Strengthening memory and increasing intellectual powers

Improving Alzheimer’s disease

Cleansing the intestines from toxic and chemical substances

Packaging features:

Has a stainless inner coating

A can with an easy-to-open lid and a plastic cap