Canned Sweet Corn

No additives and preservatives

Tabiat sweet corn preserves, like other Tabiat products, are prepared from the best raw materials and with the most equipped production line, to bring a pleasant experience to consumers.

Cooking corn is a time-consuming process and separating its seeds from the ear is also a difficult task, and usually either all the seeds are not completely separated or the seeds are crushed and separated from the shell; For this reason, most people prefer to prepare ready-to-eat canned corn, which is affordable and quick and easy to use.

The corn used to prepare canned food is sweet corn, which has a higher sugar-to-starch ratio in this breed. In order to have a better final product, the corn ears are harvested slightly immature and so called in the milking stage so that both the crunchy texture and the sweetness of the Tabiat canned corn product are at the maximum level.

Product features:

Tabiat’s special formulation

Free of any additives and preservatives

Using the best raw materials

Your health:

Contains vitamins A, D, E, K, B

Excellent source of minerals

Effective in regulating blood pressure and beneficial cholesterol

Useful for eyes, digestive system, heart, skin

Ingredients of canned corn:

sweet corn
Edible refined salt (maximum 1.3 percent)


Packaging features:

Has a stainless inner coating

A can with an easy-to-open lid and a plastic cap