Canned tuna fish with red pepper

Rich in omega 3
Rich in protein
Use of non-transgenic and zerotrans oil

Tuna fish is one of the rich sources of protein and also has antioxidants that help increase the amount of good cholesterol in the blood. Therefore, it is considered one of the healthiest foods in the food basket, which is a favorite of many people due to its speed and ease of preparation.

Product features:

Smooth meat and fillet

Prepared using non-trans and zero-trans oil

Without preservatives and flavors

With high-quality white meat fillet without darkening

Produced by modern and automatic machines

The highest standard of hygiene

Various and unique flavors

Packaging features:

It has a stainless and resistant inner cover

Easy to open door

Your health:

Rich in omega 3, magnesium and vitamin B

Rich in vitamin B6, iron and calcium

Contains vitamin C and strengthens the immune system

Rich in antioxidants

Help increase the body’s metabolism

Maintain vision

Increased focus

Lower blood pressure

Reducing stress

Balancing the level of hormones in the body

Providing the energy needed by the body